October 16/17

Answer these questions for each of your three food items: Beverage Snack Grocery
1.With your same three food items, analyze the label. What are the words that the manufacturer is using the “sell” the product? What descriptors make it sound appealing?
2.How is the maker of the product working to appeal to consumer emotion or ethics? (ex. Words like wholesome or whole grain make it sound healthful and even depicts family values.)
3.What kinds of labels/icons appear on the item. (ex. The USDA stamp of approval. An endorsement from an organization.)

4.How does the coloring of the label add to the whole message? How does it target a particular audience? Do you think the label targets what you think the targeted audience is? And, why?

Oct 10/11 Food Label Research



How many servings in container?

Calories per serving


Article Jigsaw and presentation

If We Are What We Eat, Americans are corn and soy

Imports and Exports: The Global Beef Trade

Where Does Beef Come From: A Geographic Perspective

We're Living on Corn!

How Corn Made it's Way into just about everything we eat.

The Food Movement, Rising

Unhappy Meals

Read an article, alone or with a partner/s, and summarize the important points in a presentation in front of the class.

SL4 Presents information effectively and appropriately to purpose, audience, and task 4 ØPresentation addresses the prompt creatively, completely and proficiently ØPresentation: §presents information and findings thoroughly and insightfully §provides clear supporting evidence §is concise and logical, so that listeners can follow the line of reasoning, organization, and development §meets all specific requirements for assignment and goes beyond in at least one area §has a style appropriate to purpose, audience, and task

Thursday-Wednesday Sept 28- Oct 4

Opening thinking task:

Who does the grocery shopping for your home?
What kinds of foods does your family eat? Would you consider them more toward fresh/healthy/organic or more frozen/boxed/canned?
When shopping, does your family value nutrition or financial efficiency more? Why?
Begin to watch Forks Over Knives.
Trailer for Forks Over Knives.

Wednesday, September 27

Finish Final Draft of Public Service Announcement

Share gallery walk/watch

September 25

Final Draft of Public Service Announcements

Take this survey from the counselors.

September 18-22 Public Service Announcements

Discuss speaker from Friday.

Learn about public service announcements by looking at this website and this website.

Watch several public service announcements in video form from Youtube

Look at some print public service announcements here and here


Work alone or with one other person to create a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT in video or print (poster) form that will inform the public (school audience) about the dangers of excessive dependency on technology of any form. You may also choose to take the approach of encouraging staying in the present when with others, mindfulness, or any other aspect of what we have explored in these first few weeks of school.

BE CREATIVE. Make it eye catching, interesting and most of all PERSUASIVE. Consider the audience and what would influence other teenagers at HeLa.